Appian consultant recruitment

Are you looking for Appian developers or consultants in the UK?

We find and train IT graduates on the latest automation technologies like AI, RPA and workflow and embed them in your organisation for 6 to 24 months, so you can concentrate on scaling your operation with the power of automation, faster.

We are the best Appian developers for your projects.

Founded in 2009, convedo, the Intelligent Automation Experts, is an IT consultancy firm with headquarters in Canary Wharf, London. convedo designs, develops, delivers, and supports business and technology solutions using best-of-breed platforms for Digital Process Automation and Digital Transformation.

Proud winners of the 2019 & 2020 Appian International Partner Awards. 

Now we’re creating the next generation of Intelligent Automation teams.

We have helped countless organisations across industries such as financial services, insurance and the public sector achieve the digital transformation results that they desire.

convedo is an award-winning and leading Appian partner operating, from hubs in London, Frankfurt and Sydney, throughout Europe, the DACH region and Australia.

The convedo DX training begins with a rigorous diverse 4-month training programme for both Appian and other Intelligent Automation technologies like Blue Prism, celonis and Microsoft AI. This leverages all the experience and knowledge of the convedo consultancy team, drawing from the 16,000 consulting days delivered since 2009.

convedo DX consultants often come from strong maths, physics and/or computer science backgrounds which help them become incredibly capable with these tools within a short period.

They come armed with both technical and soft skills to support your organisation around your automation needs.

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