Appian Education Management System


The Convedo Education Management Information System (CEMS) is a Convedo application designed for institutions to manage and optimise workflows for the operational and educational responsibilities of their staff. CEMS benefits educational establishments that currently use outdated legacy systems or want to reduce paper-based processes and want to scale up their operations.

How it works

Our solution gives school staff the tools they need to carry out these tasks on one integrated platform- greatly reducing time taken to perform tasks and improving quality of life in general. It also allows senior members of staff to quickly and easily locate and understand long-term trends occurring within the institution.

The application is split into three sites dedicated to distinct types of staff found in schools and other teaching institutions, comprising of administrators, senior staff/management, and teaching staff. Whether its assisting administrators with recordkeeping and coordination, supplying school-wide insights to senior leadership or streamlining non-contact responsibilities of teaching staff each site provides value to improving the efficiency of school operations.

Key Features and Functionalities for Administrators Site include:

  • Making it possible for anything to be found fast, reliably: Useful for reducing friction in tasks relying on forms or knowledge of the school’s operation and people. Such as scheduling lessons and meetings, contacting parents, finding individuals on campus…
    • Eg: Records are compiled in one place; on first page of Admin’s site, labelled with prominent buttons. Convenient access to site on any device and does not require campus server. Variety of record filters for quick searches. Within forms, such as Guardian’s Details, user picker fields allow easy link to relevant records.

  • Intuitive UI design: Even over a long day with hundreds of records viewed, features added make relevant information leap out.
    • Eg: Summary views of data displayed in Student and Teacher Profiles. Icons and images in record lists.

  • Allowing for easy maintenance of school records: Each record can be updated with a click. Forms are pre-populated with relevant record data for efficiency.
    • Eg: All Update/Edit forms in all record types.

Key Features and Functionalities for Managers include:

  • Clarity: Access to a personalised dashboard catered to each user that cleanly lays out all the key parts of the site and the different functionalities available. It includes a list of buttons allowing the user to quickly navigate through the site at ease.
  • Organisation: Quick links to important resources such as records and reports which include substitute teacher requests, monthly lesson plan uploads and relevant reports to match.

  • Personal Tasks: Includes a KPI metric on the top right to show user’s pending tasks to keep aware of the responsibilities needing to be done, including a specific link to direct the user to a list of pending tasks.
  • Oversight: A class overview page allowing the supervisor to see key metrics and records regarding the organisation, all conveniently located within a single page. This page includes information regarding staff, students, incident reports, lesson plan uploads and calendar information.
  • Reporting: Access key reports such as the lesson plan report which includes information on monthly lesson plans uploaded by staff and scoring metrics relating to OFSTED learning outcomes. Includes document viewing functionality to quickly assess and obtain the full scope of the lesson plan.

·        Incident Monitoring: A report tailored specifically to incidents reported between students and staff, containing key information such as the nature of the incident, time, and location. Allowing for easy follow up of such incidents or further escalation if necessary.

  • Chatbot: The chatbot allows you to access key information of each student or staff.

Key Features and Functionalities for Teachers include:

  • Class Registration:  Teachers will be able to note down attendance within a few clicks. Student headshots are displayed for fast identification and the register syncs instantly, so everyone knows exactly who is in school.

  • Time Off: This provides teacher the ability to book any time off, view any upcoming events and to view some key metric such as their total allowance, their remain balance, any pending requests, and approved requests.
  • Request Substitute Teacher: This provides teachers the ability to request a substitute teacher in a form layout detailing the subject, year group, reasons for absence, room number and the dates of request. This is then automatically forwarded to the supervisor for approval.

  • Calendar: The calendar interface provides the teachers with the ability to create new entries to remind them of any lesson or event that they need to attend to. Once an entry has been created, a pop-up is show with the details of the entry.
  • Upload Lesson Plan: This provides teachers with an easily accessible way of providing a road map of what students need to learn and how it will be done effectively during the class time in the form of a short term or a medium-term lesson plan. Once submitted, this is then automatically forwarded to the supervisor for approval.

  • Incident Reporting: This provides teachers the ability to report an incident in a form layout detailing the date of incident, student involved, incident type etc. Once submitted, this is then automatically forwarded to the supervisor for approval.

  • Intuitive Interface: This provides the teacher with a visually pleasing intuitive interface dashboard that has an overview of the teachers uploaded lesson plans and any incidents that they have reported.
  • Real-time and mobile accessibility: Teachers will be able to view in real-time any updates or submission they have made, and they will be able to access the application on their mobile devices.

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