DX04 | Placement 1

Junior Consultant

  • Appian Designer
  • Blue Prism
  • Celonis Developer
  • Microsoft Azure AI
  • DRUID AI Chatbot Developer
  • Process Design and Development
  • Process Discovery & Ideation
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Business Process Management

Azlin is an intelligent automation consultant with a focus on creating and implementing Appian, Celonis and Blue Prism software solutions. Recently, she was involved in developing a complex full stack Appian application to aid businesses in automating their onboarding processes. Azlin also has experience with Microsoft Azure AI and is continually working her way towards achieving certifications across a diverse set of automation platforms.

I love solving a problem, it gives me great joy finding solutions and I look forward to creating value for organisations.  Working at convedo allows me to utilise my skills and build up my problem solving “tool box” with techniques and software solutions that are adaptable to a variety of situations. I believe the intersection of my passion, enthusiasm and technical skills summarizes what I bring to the role.

Azlin – Masters in Business Analytics from Bayes Business School

Where are you from?

I am from India but have grown up in Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. Currently I live in London.

What’s your previous experience?

I graduated in 2019 with my Bachelors in Accounting & Finance and proceeded to work at a fast-growing start-up. This was when I developed a passion for technology and understood its power in driving business success. I wanted to expand my technical skills and decided to obtain my MSc. in Business Analytics from Bayes Business School (formerly Cass). Over the course of my Masters I undertook a data science internship working on machine learning approaches to offer personalised learning journeys on an EdTech platform. My Masters dissertation focussed on analysing the impact of COVID-19 on NHS services across various departments through a time series analysis.

If you are not working, where would we normally find you?

I could be trying out a new recipe, enjoying some yoga, exploring new restaurants across London or reading a book in a cosy corner.

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