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Can AI Write Like A Human?

In the modern world, Artificial Intelligence, or “AI”, is used in an exponentially increasing number of applications, the purpose of which is to make many of the repetitive, mundane decisions for us. However, AI often struggles with tasks that traditionally rely to some extent… Continue Reading “Can AI Write Like A Human?”

Image generation using neural networks

The age of information continues to produce overwhelming volumes of data that we humans have little chance of processing on our own. This surplus of data is the perfect opportunity for Artificial Intelligence to take centre stage, as researchers around the world train learning… Continue Reading “Image generation using neural networks”

What is Blue Prism DX?

Blue Prism (BP) took the concept of business-led automation and industrialised it back in 2012. BP created a secure, flexible and productive way to suit automation to complex operations. It enabled the creation of software robots, backed-up by encryption, analytics and a specialised workflow… Continue Reading “What is Blue Prism DX?”

3 reasons why your business should look into chatbots

A chatbot is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) software that simulates conversation with a user in natural language via websites, mobile apps and messaging applications. Chatbots enable communication between humans and a machine through either text-based messages or voice commands. AI powered chatbots use machine… Continue Reading “3 reasons why your business should look into chatbots”

Hyperautomation: the key to increasing productivity, boosting revenue, and reducing costs

Permanent changes to many dimensions of an organisation were prompted with the COVID-19 crisis increasing the pace at which companies conduct business. Digital and technology-driven disruptions presented as key indicators that companies require strong technical foundation and capabilities to inform post-COVID-19 recovery strategy, equip… Continue Reading “Hyperautomation: the key to increasing productivity, boosting revenue, and reducing costs”

What is Appian?

Appian is a global, market-leading, low-code development platform used to provide different companies with a range of application solutions for their business processes, data management and much more. The platform offers many features to help develop these solutions in a timely manner such as… Continue Reading “What is Appian?”

The Hyper-intelligent highway

As the age of Autonomy and AI begins to deliver the promises given in the 50s, we are seeing sector leading improvements in our automaker industries, as they have to rethink their business strategy and invest in electrifying their fleets. But what of the… Continue Reading “The Hyper-intelligent highway”

Leverage Process Mining/Celonis to identify improvement opportunities in your business processes

It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to increase the efficiency of their business processes to increase savings and to remain competitive with their competition. Intelligent automation provides a way for all businesses, both small and large with the rise of cloud-based systems, to… Continue Reading “Leverage Process Mining/Celonis to identify improvement opportunities in your business processes”

The top 3 IR35 challenges to overcome when building an automation team

The United Kingdom’s IR35 tax legislation, which was delayed due to the impact of COVID-19, is finally coming into force. IR35 seeks to identify so-called “disguised employees”: contractors who are working for clients through intermediary companies, and who would otherwise be classified as employees… Continue Reading “The top 3 IR35 challenges to overcome when building an automation team”


Three months ago, I started on the digital expert programme, excited and wondering what to expect. With the training element of the programme now coming to an end for me, I thought it would be a great time to explain my experience and hopefully… Continue Reading “MY DIGITAL EXPERT EXPERIENCE”