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Appian Education Management System

Introduction The Convedo Education Management Information System (CEMS) is a Convedo application designed for institutions to manage and optimise workflows for the operational and educational responsibilities of their staff. CEMS benefits educational establishments that currently use outdated legacy systems or want to reduce paper-based… Continue Reading “Appian Education Management System”

The Rise of Automation

Simply put, automation is the act of making a machine carry out an action automatically and eliminating the need for human input to carry out this action. Of course, this can range from carrying out a whole series of actions with no human interaction… Continue Reading “The Rise of Automation”

ROAP – Appian Robust Onboarding Automation Platform

Introduction It is well known that an employee’s onboarding experience within an organisation plays a crucial role in improving engagement, retention and overall boosts productivity and thus the success of a company. Employee onboarding does not have to be messy, time-consuming and stressful. How… Continue Reading “ROAP – Appian Robust Onboarding Automation Platform”

MindHub – Appian Solution To Modernize Mental Health Provision

Introduction MindHub modernises mental health provision, by providing tools that enable mental health practitioners and their patients to monitor, communicate and address mental health concerns more effectively and efficiently. How it works Where mental health provision is traditionally provided on an appointment basis, MindHub… Continue Reading “MindHub – Appian Solution To Modernize Mental Health Provision”

Maintenance Management Tool

Convedo’s Maintenance Management Tool is a process solution for companies performing maintenance work to keep commercial buildings safe and operational. How it works This application improves the process of submitting requests and helps engineers to track their workload. The application allows users to inspect… Continue Reading “Maintenance Management Tool”

Haulage Document Planning System

Introduction Convedo’s Haulage Document Planning System is a personalized client solution which streamlines the documentation process concerning haulage activities and manages documents associated with import and export of cargo based on a given route. How it works The HDPS application provides the blueprint for… Continue Reading “Haulage Document Planning System”

Facility Issues and Orders management application

Convedo’s Facility Issues and Orders management application provides one portal to give organisations an overview of their sites/properties’ health and budgetary performance. How it works The Application provides instant and intuitive insights through the Area Managers dashboard increasing the transparency of the business costs… Continue Reading “Facility Issues and Orders management application”

Rise of Chatbot Software: Druid AI

Introduction Several types of technology solutions are emerging in the low-code/no-code automation space, one of which is automated chatbot platforms. You would be surprised to find yourself on a popular website which doesn’t have a bot nowadays – Uber, Nike and Just Eat are a… Continue Reading “Rise of Chatbot Software: Druid AI”