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Appian Education Management System

Introduction The Convedo Education Management Information System (CEMS) is a Convedo application designed for institutions to manage and optimise workflows for the operational and educational responsibilities of their staff. CEMS benefits educational establishments that currently use outdated legacy systems or want to reduce paper-based… Continue Reading “Appian Education Management System”

Why bias slows down AI implementations

Extra funding from companies and profound interest by universities has led the Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, algorithms to become more agile and diverse. This has given businesses opportunities to automate the processes and tasks that are currently done by repetitive manual labour… Continue Reading “Why bias slows down AI implementations”

The Rise of Automation

Simply put, automation is the act of making a machine carry out an action automatically and eliminating the need for human input to carry out this action. Of course, this can range from carrying out a whole series of actions with no human interaction… Continue Reading “The Rise of Automation”

The role of Intelligent Automation in 5G

5G network deployment is amongst the most anticipated and sough after technology advances in the modern era, however, it is poorly understood. 5G technology comes with a lot of grandiose promises about its use cases, however, it also comes with a lot of specific… Continue Reading “The role of Intelligent Automation in 5G”