1. Why Digital Experts Ltd? 
  • As automation is in very high demand, there is a huge lack of highly skilled “Automation” staff in the market. 
  1. What is our vision? 
  • Our vision is becoming the go-to company for specialised intelligent automation talent to help large enterprise customers here in the UK, Europe and long-term international to build their own team in a very cost-effective way. 
  1. What can we help for our customers? 
  • convedo DX helps companies building their own Intelligent Automation teams with highly specialised Graduate “Digital Expert” consultants to tackle the challenges businesses are facing due to the automation needs in a very competitive business environment. 
  1. What solution you are providing to solve the UK automation skills gap challenge? 
  • We solve the “Automation” skill gap in this huge growth market of Intelligent Automation (Process Automation, AI, ML, Software Robotics) by providing excellent “Automation”-certified IT graduate staff into blue-chip firms and large organizations for 2-year engagements. 
  1. What is the graduate programme? 
  • Over the last ten years, the team at convedo has trained numerous clients to use BPM and automation tools. Our team consists of automaton experts and consultants – all people who regularly spend time helping others use and learn innovative automation technologies. The largest companies in the UK,  Europe and globally have been adopting latest and innovative process automation technologies for increasingly ambitious projects – ambitious in both scale and complexity. As a partner of market-leading vendors like Appian, Blue Prismcelonis and OpenText (and more), a key role is to help ensure this momentum continues. convedo is playing a part in this by using our experience to create the next generation of intelligent automation consultants. 
  1. How to start a career in Intelligent Automation? 
  • These are entry-level positions for recent graduates seeking to develop a career in Intelligent Automation. Our highly-regarded intensive 90-day Intelligent Automation Graduate programme will equip you with the technical and professional skills to successfully deliver solutions to our clients. You will then join a client team long-term or the convedo Consulting team (up to 2 years, with an option to join them afterwards), working on-site (or remote) to put your training into practice.  
  1. Do successful applicants to the programme have to pay for tuition? 
  • No. You will be paid to attend our programme. You will become an employee of convedo Digital Experts on a fixed-term contract for 28 months. Expect to spend 3 months in the programme and then the remainder of the time working on placements with clients. 
  1. Can convedo Digital Experts provide sponsorship for individuals without working visas for the UK or Germany? 
  • Not currently. We may offer this in the future. 
  1. What’s the time commitment? 
  • A place at the convedo Digital Experts programme is a full-time role. We don’t expect it to feel like work though, we expect it to be a lot of FUN! 
  1. Do I get some kind of certification/qualification? 
  • There is no formal qualification planned for our programme. You will, however, be expected to take certification exams in Appian, Blue Prism and celonis
  1. Is it a full-time job for the cohort team? 
  • It’s not only a full-time job and we are proving: 
    • Best-in-class training, mentoring & full support, plus Certifications in Intelligent Automation software, all paid for by us.
    • Salary – £ 30,000 First Year – £ 35,000 Second Year 
  1. What kind of clients can I expect to get placements/consult with? 
  • Expect to work for clients who have business process automation challenges in any industry sector.
  1. When will the application process for the next intake start? 
  • We are always accepting applications and you may apply for any open cohort at any time. When applying, be sure to specify if you are applying for the Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter cohort. Please be sure you are registered on our mailing list to receive all of the details.

Let’s build something together.