Leverage Process Mining/Celonis to identify improvement opportunities in your business processes

It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to increase the efficiency of their business processes to increase savings and to remain competitive with their competition. Intelligent automation provides a way for all businesses, both small and large with the rise of cloud-based systems, to capture the gains from automation. Automation is about implementing a system to complete repetitive, easy replicated tasks without the need for human labour. This can free up time for workers to perform more valuable tasks and creative tasks.

In order to realise the gains from intelligent automation, the areas of the business that can benefit from automation first need to be identified. For these improvement opportunities to be identified, it is important to understand currently how business processes are performing. This problem can be solved using Process Mining, to explore current business processes and identify the business processes that can benefit from automation.

What is Process Mining?

Process Mining is an analytical process for discovering, monitoring and improving business processes in current systems as they are, not how you think they might be. Process mining tools extract data from your current systems’ event logs, and shows you how your process is actually running in your IT system. Once you know how processes are currently running in your systems, now you have the information to take action and start making improvements to your processes.

What is Celonis?

Celonis is the “#1 Process Mining product” and provides tools to extract the process data from your current IT system, visually analyse how cases flow through your process and can also automatically take action on undesirable cases to increase process efficiency.

Celonis provides all the tools needed to gather data from your existing IT system, analyse and explore your processes to taking action on your processes through machine learning. Celonis’ Transformation Center provides an ETL tool to extract data from cloud based or on-premise systems and to create an Activity table which allows Celonis to track cases through different stages of your business process.

After the data is extracted, transformed and loaded into Celonis, then using the Process Analytics tool, different analyses can be created to explore a specific business process using the Process Explorer and the Variant Explorer. Tables and KPIs can also be created to allow more insight into the process.

How to identify improvement opportunities?

There are two ways to identify improvements in your system, you can take an exploratory approach or a confirmatory approach.


  • Use Celonis to quickly explore your process and drill down into potential opportunities through the Process and Variant Explorers.
  • Leverage Celonis’Conformance Check to detect all deviations from a predefined target process model.


  • Use Celonis to confirm if a specific inefficiency exists in the process.
  • Backup preconceived thoughts about issues in the process with real and objective data.

How to take action?

After you have explored your process and identified opportunities for improvements, then you can start applying automation and AI in your process. Celonis Action Engine provides an AI-powered process assistant that can take action to get a process back on track. It does this by analysing signals, defined by the user, from your process and notifying everyone involved that they need to take action. The Action Engine can also be configured to take corrective action on its own, following pre-defined rules, kicking off automations to update fields in underlying systems.

For more information, visit https://www.celonis.com/ems/

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