DX07 | In training

Junior Consultant

  • Appian Designer (Associate Developer)
  • Blue Prism (Associate Developer)
  • Celonis Developer
  • Microsoft Azure AI
  • DRUID AI Chatbot Developer
  • Process Design and Development
  • Process Discovery & Ideation
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Business Process Management

Maaknun is an automation consultant aiming to achieve level 1 Appian Developer and Blue Prism Associate Developer Certifications. He intends to gain experience with Celonis, and Microsoft Azure AI whilst developing complex full stack Appian Applications. With a knowledge of a diverse set of platforms, Maaknun’s goal is to produce first-rate projects, by implementing an agile approach to BPM, RPA and AI.

The nature to remain resilient and analytical through challenging tasks, developed from exposure to multiple difficult moments in my academic and professional background. A diverse set of technical and interpersonal skills with a growth mindset to further progress my personal development.

Maaknun – Bsc(Hons) in Computer Science from the University of Kent

Where are you from?

I am from Guildford in Surrey and that is where I am currently as well. However, ethnically I am from Bangladesh.

What’s your previous experience?

I studied Computer Science at the University of Kent, Canterbury where I was exposed to multiple technological and business-related topics that included machine learning, cyber security, software development and business development. My final year project involved using data mining and processing using various APIs related to ‘money mules.’

If you are not working, where would we normally find you?

On my driveway watching vehicle related mechanical videos and operating on my car, working on my summer IoT project, or watching the ‘Grand Tour.’

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