MindHub – Appian Solution To Modernize Mental Health Provision


MindHub modernises mental health provision, by providing tools that enable mental health practitioners and their patients to monitor, communicate and address mental health concerns more effectively and efficiently.

How it works

Where mental health provision is traditionally provided on an appointment basis, MindHub attempts to supplement this by allowing patients to record and monitor their daily mental well-being, record recurring contributory factors such as sleeping patterns, self-perceived mood scores, their general feelings, and other events; and to enable this information to be shared with their mental health practitioner.

Sharing this critical information enables both patient and practitioner to effectively monitor long-term trends, to log and discuss notable events that have occurred since their last appointment together, and to identify any common factors that may be contributing to poor or good mental health.

Key features for mental health practitioners include:

  • A “patients at a glance” dashboard that consolidates key numerical information regarding their patients’ mental health – current and ongoing.
  • Data visualizations to highlight the best and worst-performing patients e.g. where patients’ self-perceived mood scores show an increasing or decreasing trend.
  • Access to patients’ diaries as well as their logs of mood scores, sleeping patterns and mood descriptions.
  • Drill down into the data of individual patients to gain a deeper understanding of historical data and trends.
  • Arrange and schedule events with their patients (appointments for example).
  • Add notes to patients’ diary entries for more effective two-way communication.
  • “Flag” high-risk patients to be able to better monitor their activity.

Key features for patients include:

  • Daily diary entries to record their mood on a numeric scale, provide mood “descriptors”, sleeping patterns and traditional free form diary entries.
  • Data visualisation tools to monitor trends in how they sleep, their reported mood and commonly used mood descriptors.
  • Shared calendar with their mental health practitioner to keep informed of appointments and other events.

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