Three months ago, I started on the digital expert programme, excited and wondering what to expect. With the training element of the programme now coming to an end for me, I thought it would be a great time to explain my experience and hopefully enlighten future applicants on the journey they are about to embark on.

At the beginning of December, myself and three others joined convedo to form the first Digital Expert cohort. We had a wide variety of skills and technology experience between us and one common similarity: a passion for automation and how it can be used to improve organisations and society.

The first week kicked off as an introductory week; this involved learning about the program, what we will be working on and meeting the rest of the convedo team. As a new joiner it quickly became apparent that maintaining regular virtual socialising during the COVID-19 restrictions was a priority for convedo and the team. There are daily group social calls, presentations, and games night on Friday to keep everyone socialising and together. This was great as a new joiner as I got to know everyone and felt like part of the team instantly.

It became clear immediately that we were going to be exposed to a plethora of technologies straight off the bat. These included Business Process Management technologies such as Appian, Robotic Process Automation software (BluePrism), Process Mining Technologies (Celonis) and a variety of AI and Machine Learning software. The goals of the training programme were clear: to gain a valuable insight to all these areas of tech, discover what interested you the most, and be able to delve deeper and gain certifications in these areas.

After the first week, the training programme was split into intensive sections focusing on the several different technologies. Training was extremely varied, always keeping us on our toes. Every day you could expect to follow the online training content, enjoy some self-paced learning, and join a Q&A session with a convedo senior consultant. Having constant access to an experienced consultant was fantastic; it enabled me to solve issues immediately and exposed me to development methods that I would not otherwise have thought of.

Throughout the 90-day programme, we consolidated our learning by developing an Appian application to be published on the App store. This was completely in our control. We had to brainstorm ideas, develop a plan (following the agile methodology), design and develop the application and submit it to the App store. Halfway through the development we presented our applications to the rest of the team, where we received great feedback and new ideas we could develop further. The project was great fun and I loved having autonomous control of what I wanted it to do. It was challenging, but I always knew I could go to the senior consultants if I needed help.

With the training programme coming to an end, I am amazed at the wide variety of new things I was able to learn, from new technologies to professional skills. I have achieved new certifications in Intelligent Automation, and I have made some great new friends on my cohort, all from the comfort of my home office!

I would wholeheartedly recommend the Digital Expert programme for anyone who loves to push themselves and are considering taking their first step into intelligent automation.

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