Our Programme

convedo Digital Experts Programme works closely with universities in the UK and Germany. We help them promote the use of Appian, Blue Prism, AXON Ivy, celonis as teaching tools.

Real-world intelligent automation skills can

  • Set your graduates apart in the job marketplace;
  • Give your students the opportunity to learn about a career in the growing world of process automation, AI and Machine Learning.

Key Benefits

Increase the employability of your students with in-demand digital process automation, AI, RPA and technology skills.

AI and Low-Code automation were reported as being the tech skill with the enormous increase in demand by employers – training your students in Intelligent Automation. Hyper automation will give them exposure to the world of automation which will only aid their employability.

Improve your university’s KPIs.

Giving your graduates the best chance of obtaining professional employment will improve League Table results, KPIs and DLHE performance for your university.

Get your students on our radar. 

We employ 8 people every 3 months via the Convedo Digital Experts programme,  we are always looking for good candidates.

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