Recruitment schedule and process

As we receive 100s of applications every month to join our highly regarded Intelligent Automation programme for graduates, we have put the process in place to give everyone the same chance to succeed based and different factors.

Step 1:
Your Application

Apply to join the next cohort of the programme at
If you have already applied, please look out for any emails from us regarding Step 2 with the more detailed instruction.

Step 2:
Project Submission

Impress us! Show us what you are made of. 
Use the free AXON Ivy Designer to build a Workflow and Process solution.

Step 3:
Video Interview

You will receive a secure link to submit your video interview answers.

Step 4:

We will invite you to complete a technical test, covering logical, numerical and verbal reasoning.

Step 5:
Final Interviews

We will invite you to the final interviews via MS Teams or Zoom.

Step 6:
Our Offer Letter

If we think you are a great fit for our next cohort we will make you an offer to join #TeamConvedo.


FEB 2022WINTER COHORTBetween 4 and 8 positions
JUN 2022SPRING COHORTBetween 4 and 8 positions
SEP/OCT 2022 SUMMER COHORT Between 4 and 8 positions

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