DX02 | Placement 2

Junior Consultant

  • Appian Designer
  • Blue Prism Developer
  • Celonis Implementation
  • Process Design and Development
  • Business Analysis and Predictives
  • Business Digital Transformation
  • Business Process Management

Stylianos is an intelligent automation consultant, completing intensive training in Low Code platforms, RPA technologies, process mining solutions and AI platforms and services. Recently earned his certification as Level 1 Appian Developer. Stylianos has also gained experience with market-leading vendors like Blue Prism, Celonis and Microsoft. His projects are driven by the digital transformation movement and aiming at faster application authorship and hyperautomation.

By implementing cutting edge technologies and methodical thinking his goal is to deliver smart and fast solutions to enterprise software.

Innovative ideas and love for precision. I am a strong team-player with keen eye for detail. I take pride in being a reliable and trustworthy member of my team. I also believe that innovation lies in the intersection of multiple disciplines.

Stylianos – Bachelor degree in Physical Sciences, graduated from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Athens, Greece. I am currently living in London.

What’s your previous experience?

I hold a BSc in Physics. During my degree I gained experience in different sectors (education and retail). I have also worked on a number of projects analysing data in search of business insights.

If you are not working, where would we normally find you?

Never on the same place as I love travelling. When not on a trip I spend time outdoors  exercising or going to the cinema.

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