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Why bias slows down AI implementations

Extra funding from companies and profound interest by universities has led the Artificial Intelligence, also known as AI, algorithms to become more agile and diverse. This has given businesses opportunities to automate the processes and tasks that are currently done by repetitive manual labour… Continue Reading “Why bias slows down AI implementations”

The Rise of Automation

Simply put, automation is the act of making a machine carry out an action automatically and eliminating the need for human input to carry out this action. Of course, this can range from carrying out a whole series of actions with no human interaction… Continue Reading “The Rise of Automation”

Artificial intelligence to help autonomous vehicles avoid idling at red lights

No one likes waiting at a red light. But how far are we from the time when Autonomous Vehicles will be able to avoid all the intersections coming in their route? Maybe not too far! Also, signalized intersections aren’t just a minor nuisance for… Continue Reading “Artificial intelligence to help autonomous vehicles avoid idling at red lights”

NLP in Education: How teaching and planning in schools is enhanced when linguistics meets AI.

With language being at the heart of many teaching interactions, the ability to analyse classroom exchanges and school documents provides large banks of data that can tailor the patterns for progress across educational institutions. How does technology deliver this uniquely, and what can we… Continue Reading “NLP in Education: How teaching and planning in schools is enhanced when linguistics meets AI.”

Automation possibilities in the Telecommunications Industry

The telecommunications industry is the driving force behind our ability to stay connected with each other. From mobile communications to internet access, this industry is a vital component of our societies. Naturally, competition is tough in such an important industry. For the companies that… Continue Reading “Automation possibilities in the Telecommunications Industry”

Automation in Physics Research with a Comparison to Business

A key part of modern-day experimental Physics is striving to find ways to automate processes in experiments. To paraphrase Jake Taylor, writing for the Harvard Belfer Center, the incremental improvement of experiments is done by researchers looking at the apparatus they have and seeing… Continue Reading “Automation in Physics Research with a Comparison to Business”

What would Peak Automation look like?

Imagine a world truly controlled by AI and automation in which humanity has the ability to step back and let years of innovation and experimentation take over allowing for all tasks necessary to keep society running done without unnecessary intervention. We may be closer… Continue Reading “What would Peak Automation look like?”

Is artificial sentience within reaching distance?

From its continual appearance in sci-fi movies to Elon Musk declaring it “the most serious threat to the survival of the human race”, the idea of “artificial sentience” has become a major part of popular culture today. With this said, and after Elons warning,… Continue Reading “Is artificial sentience within reaching distance?”

Can AI be ethical?

The argument over AI and ethics has become significantly more pressing in the recent decade or two, and various projects to address ethical issues regarding AI have emerged in the previous few years. This is largely due to recent advances in AI technology, increased… Continue Reading “Can AI be ethical?”

What is Codex?

What is Codex? OpenAI Codex is a descendant of GPT-3 which stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3. GPT-3 is a massive deep learning language model, trained using internet data to generate any type of text. Developed by OpenAI, it requires a small amount of… Continue Reading “What is Codex?”