What is Appian?

Appian is a global, market-leading, low-code development platform used to provide different companies with a range of application solutions for their business processes, data management and much more. The platform offers many features to help develop these solutions in a timely manner such as customisable interface templates, easy to use workflow process modelling, and seamless integration capabilities with the best services such as Google, Microsoft and BluePrism. Automating processes through Appian is done by combining humans, bots and AI to maximize your resources and consequently improve results.

Why Appian?

The global low-code development platform market is forecast to grow from currently $13.2 billion to $45.5 billion by 2025 with Appian at the fore-front of this surge. This can partially be attributed to the recent need for fast digitalisation across many sectors, due to the 2020/21 pandemic, which low-code development is perfectly suited to provide.

Appian is one of the low-code platforms available to businesses and provide some top-quality features for developing solutions to your business problems. Here, we will go over some of these key features:


Appian offers a range of out of the box easy to set-up integrations to make your life easier when incorporating third party web and system services into your solution. Many Google systems are included in this, which incorporates Google Maps, Google AI services and Google Drive to make your application.


The low-code environment delivered by Appian features the perfect balance between no-code and low-code so that you can quickly develop enterprise level solutions whilst not being fully restricted to the no-code environment. This is due to the full customisability of most objects by configuring the pre-made template code. The result of this means that you can deliver your business application solutions up to 20x faster.

Seamless connection across multiple devices at no extra cost

With businesses needing to be able to work anytime, anywhere, the ease of mobile, tablet and web implementation and compatibility becomes a significant and important factor to consider when choosing your low-code platform. Appian is one of few who offer the built-in feature of multi-experience compatibility with no extra work; every application automatically works for mobile and tablets helping you connect with your customers at anytime, anywhere.

Intelligent Automation

Automation is quickly becoming the norm for large businesses partially down to the extensive advancements in this area, as well as the realization for the potential business growth, productivity and revenue increase. Appian have amalgamated RPA services with their low-code platform onto one system to optimize your business solutions in one central space. Appian believe that combining people, technologies (such as RPA) and data result in the best outcome for your business.


To conclude, Appian is the only recognized leader in both low-code and automation stated by Gartner and the Forrester Wave. They have incorporated multiple technological features into one system to help you build applications and workflows quickly, thereby optimizing your business for the best result.

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