What is Blue Prism DX?

Blue Prism (BP) took the concept of business-led automation and industrialised it back in 2012. BP created a secure, flexible and productive way to suit automation to complex operations. It enabled the creation of software robots, backed-up by encryption, analytics and a specialised workflow in a way that was connecting all these together to form a digital army, named Digital Workforce. Blue Prism then introduced new and innovative intelligent solutions to business problems which required operational agility. The vision was, and still is, the democratization of the technology. Digital Workforce ensured the digital transformation of the services industry with fast yet reliable and easy to control solutions. Using an operational code-free canvas, Blue Prism solves front-end business challenges in such a way that is demystifying the automated web services. Meaningful AIs and future oriented RPA are delivering scalable, secure, smart and successful intelligent solutions to enterprise architecture. There are more than a hundred case studies where Blue Prism products provided an intelligent solution. Here are the top 3 exemplary applications.

1. Banking Solutions

During the lockdown, in support of the SBA Covid-19 relief efforts for small businesses, banks and financial institutions were inundated with thousands of loan requests under the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).  350 billion dollars were claimed in just a few weeks resulting the banking system to crash when processing their loan applications. Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce partnered with Lateetud and automated the entire end to end process. Software robots were able within minutes to receive the applications and extract the important data, validate them and submit them for SBA reporting. In order to achieve that, BP had to integrate many software applications (Outlook, DocuSign, etc.) within strict time limits. As a result, 99% of loans were processed on the same day of application. This process set solid foundations for the introduction and establishment of intelligent automation in the banking services industry.

2. NHS Trust

Blue Prism actively supported NHS Trust in a broad spectrum of services. As the Pandemic Tech Innovation award winner in 2021(recognised by TMC), BP demonstrated how to use automation and machine learning for overcoming the pandemic business challenges under enormous pressure. BP worked hard to keep focus on what really matters, the customers and patients. RPA technology freed doctors and nurses from administrative tasks -a total of 500 hours of staff time released- and accelerated the on-boarding of NHS staff. In addition, BP automated over 19,000 care home applications for NHS Mail and connected patient administration systems across health systems to improve access to psychological therapies. Total savings amount to £220K in just a year time. The NHS Trust case is an excellent example of how this technology can be used for the benefit of the society.

3. DX AI Breakthrough

Blue Prism named Best Robotic Process Automation Company in 2020 (once again) by Artificial Intelligent Breakthrough Awards Program. This programme is devoted to honouring excellence in Artificial Intelligent technologies, services, companies and products. As a measure of success, they include AI Platforms and Hardware, Robotics, Vision and more. Blue Prism’s Digital Exchange (DX) is an application store platform consisting of many intelligent automation services such as document processing and RPA accelerators. Moreover, DX has a vast online community attracting numerous tech consulting firms such as Convedo. The DX platform is not just a solution to more than 1,800 businesses across the whole world, but also places Blue Prism in the leading position of intelligent automation capabilities via cloud services. Providing instant benefits like fast API integrations, intelligent interfaces and implementation of business processes, BP is one of the best AI ecosystems.

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