What would Peak Automation look like?

Imagine a world truly controlled by AI and automation in which humanity has the ability to step back and let years of innovation and experimentation take over allowing for all tasks necessary to keep society running done without unnecessary intervention. We may be closer than initially imagined and the future shows this could as yet take on multiple forms.

One form comes from multiple sources in our current environment, with a key player being Alphabet’s Google and its sibling companies which are market leading in terms of personal automation implementations. This is often accomplished through simple, yet effective means like in the automated features of their phone software Android. These features include using AI in their camera software heavily to allow faces to be framed better and multiple shots being taken per second to allow the user to capture the best split-second image. Another camera related feature involves using AI to analyse images and extract relevant information from the image such as text or numbers and even being able to compare the images with similar found online for possible geo-location purposes.

Aside from all this, a major feature of the Android operating system is the Google voice assistant AI which has grown leaps and bounds since initially developed. In the most recent spate of developments, Google introduced a feature where the voice assistant could screen incoming calls with a greeting message asking the caller to explain their reason for calling, and one where the assistant could make calls on the user’s behalf to book appointments or enquire about reservations. This puts the AI in direct interaction with human users in which some cases they are not aware they are speaking to an AI and my instead think they are speaking to a receptionist or secretary for example.

With this in mind its not too much to imagine a world in which all phone interactions are achieved through AI, including other human interactions such as emails, booking tickets and any other thing that does not require physical human presence to become automated. Once this has happened, humanity approaches peak automation, the point at which every such thing that may be automated has been. By this point humanity would not require the need for jobs and would spend most of their days pursuing leisure activities and other such mindful acts as time allows for it. Some may even consider this the next step in human evolution in which the full creative potential of the mind can be released. Overall, this may become very beneficial to the development of the world and lead to greater futures that are yet to be seen.


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